Présenter votre chef-d'œuvre : Un guide pour encadrer correctement votre kit de peinture au diamant Oraloa
The realization of a kit of painting on oraloa diamond is a creative and gratifying activity which makes it possible to obtain a breathtaking work of art. Once your masterpiece is finished, the next step is to supervise it and expose it properly. The supervision of your diamond painting not only improves its aesthetics, but also to protect it from dust, humidity and possible damage. In this blog article, we will explain to you step by step how to supervise your Oraloa kit, which will allow you to present your work of art with pride.

Gather the necessary supplies:
Before starting to supervise, collect the following supplies:
A suitable frame: Choose a frame that corresponds to the size and style of your diamond painting. Remember to use a deep frame to take into account the thickness of the canvas and protect diamonds.
A passout without acid: Use an acid passout as a support for your diamond paint in order to avoid any direct contact with glass or acrylic.
Glass or acrylic sheet: Choose a transparent glass or acrylic sheet suitable for the size of the frame to protect the paint.
Adhesive tape without acid: Use ribbon or adhesive without acid to fix the diamond paint with a key passout.
Hanging equipment: Depending on the weight of your frame, choose the appropriate hanging equipment, such as D D D or jet hooks.
Prepare your diamond painting:
Make sure your diamond painting is clean and free from any detached or lost diamond. Gently switch a charpie roller to the surface to remove the stuffed animals and debris. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions, as they could damage diamonds or canvas.

Attach diamond painting to the key passage:
Place the non-acidic passout on a clean and flat surface. Cared your diamond painting carefully on the passout, ensuring that it is straight and aligned. Attach the edges of the canvas to the key passage using non-acidic adhesive tape or glue. Show delicacy so as not to damage the canvas or diamonds.

Assemble the frame:
Remove the support and the glass or acrylic sheet from the frame. Place the passout with the diamond painting attached in the frame, ensuring that it is well adjusted. If necessary, use small pliers or tabs to keep the key passout.

Protect with glass or acrylic:
Clean glass or acrylic sheet to remove fingerprints or stains. Place it on diamond paint in the frame and fix it using the frame support. Make sure that glass or acrylic is clean and exempt from dust or scratches.

Check and adjust:
Check again that diamond paint is well fixed and that the frame is properly assembled. Make sure that glass or acrylic does not touch the diamonds to avoid damage or displacement. Take the time to admire your framed diamond painting and make the necessary adjustments.

Add the hanging hardware:
Attach the appropriate hanging equipment to the back of the frame, following the manufacturer's instructions. Take into account the weight of the frame and choose fittings capable of supporting it safely. Use a level to make sure the frame is well hung on the wall.

Conclusion :
Correctly supervising your ORALOA DIAMOND paint kit is the final touch that transforms your work of art into a superb exhibition piece. By following these steps and using high quality materials, you can protect and expose your masterpiece with pride. Take your time, take care of the details and enjoy the satisfaction of exposing your diamond painting in all its splendor. Let your creativity shine and inspire others by admiring your framed oraloa kit.