Once you have chosen your diamond painting and it has been delivered to your home, the next step is to learn how to make your Diamond Painting. The steps are easy to follow, here is a method to assist you step by step in your first realization.

Before you start:

1. Preparing your space

Before you even start, you need to create a creative space for yourself where you can go without any interruptions, so that you have all the necessary materials at your fingertips so that you can have a good time. Favor over time a reclining plan in order to be more comfortable.

2. Organizing your kit

Before you begin your Diamond Embroidery, an important step in completing your canvas is to arrange your supplies for efficiency. All kits have similar content, one of them being diamonds. It is important to arrange and sort the diamonds before you start to avoid any loss. Be organized :)

3. Understanding Symbols

The next step is to understand the symbols and study them a little before you start. This will help you get an idea of ​​what the table will look like. We make sure to make our Diamond paintings with clear and easy to read symbols, so don't worry.

Start embroidering:

4. Choosing your first diamonds

Once you have arranged your space and studied the symbols on the canvas, you can begin the embroidery by pouring the diamonds into your cup, shaking them a little to align them face up. Organization is the art of success and pleasure.

5. Discover the web

Once you have arranged the diamonds in the cup, remove some of the protective film from the canvas to begin your diamond embroidery. Do this as you go, but you can also replace the protective film with parchment paper or parchment, small squares are made to make your canvas as you go.

6. Pick up the diamonds

Detach the wax protection and stick your stylus into the pot of glue to fill the tip. Once you've done that, you can tap on the head of the diamonds to pick them up. The diamonds will easily stick to the stylus. Sticking the stylus into the wax allows you to stick dozens of diamonds without having to repeat the process.

7. Stick the diamonds on the canvas

Start sticking the diamonds on the canvas with the corresponding symbols but gently, it will avoid damaging the diamond or the canvas. Don't worry, the quality of the canvas glue will fix the diamonds effortlessly.

8. Repeat the process

Stick all the diamonds on their respective area and repeat the operation until the canvas is finished.

9. Frame the canvas

Once the painting is finished, you can keep it forever by framing it and hanging it or if you end up collecting them, offer them to your entourage or associations, I remind you, this is real works of art made by a budding artist.

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