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How to Try Diamond Painting With Your Family During Quarantine: 5 Top Tips

COVID-19 started spreading around the world over 8 months ago, being in quarantine is no longer a novelty - and chances are you're at short of activities to do with your family at this point! Nature walks? Do. Board games? Do. Movies ? Do.

Well, we have good news. You're not quite exhausted. Why not try diamond painting?

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking - diamond painting might be great, but it's not really a family activity. But that's where you're wrong!

While arts and crafts are great solo, they're also fun to do in a group. Diamond painting is a great way for kids (and adults) to compare designs, encourage each other's creativity, and work as a team. It is also one of the few activities suitable for all ages, ranging from 6 to 120 years old!

If you're still in doubt, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Plan ahead

We don't like to put people in boxes - but if we did, we'd say there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who plan everything, and the others.

Depending on what type you are, we have good news or bad news: you're going to need a plan to start diamond painting as a family.

That doesn't mean you have to fix the exact time you're going to start and finish and what chair everyone is going to sit in. But if you want to avoid arguments, it's probably best to decide in advance who does what, especially if you have young children.

There is an easy option and a hard option here. You can either save yourself the stress of any drama by giving everyone their own kit, or arrange to work on a kit together.

Both methods can work well, but if you go for the second option, make sure you all agree on who will paint which part. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that deciding who will handle the unicorn's mane and who will take care of the unicorn's body is a trivial matter!

2. Make sure everyone agrees on the kit

Perhaps even more important than deciding who covers what part of the kit is what kit you are going to work on. You must choose a design that motivates everyone!

This can be tricky if your children are of different ages and genders, but you can always reach a compromise by agreeing to work on a child's favorite kit today and a child's favorite kit. another child tomorrow. Worth it, right?

If that doesn't work, it's always possible to give everyone their own kit.

3. Work together, not separately

This may contradict some of our previous suggestions, but we'll say it anyway. Diamond painting really is so much more fun when you work together as a family on the same kit!

Even if you start using different kits, you should definitely try at least these. Just be sure to buy plenty of extra pens and choose a larger kit to make this possible.

4. Relax

“Relax” may seem like the simplest piece of advice possible in theory, but many people find it the hardest to implement. Sitting and smiling while you watch your child mix colors, spill diamonds, or paint the design “correctly” will be a challenge for some people. But it is a challenge that you will have to overcome.

Forget good manners! The point of it all is fun, you will have fond memories of it.

5. Put on some music

This might help you relax. Instead of sitting there in silence and feeling the tension build, put on your favorite tunes (or rather, the kids' favorite tunes) and start grooving.

Better yet, why not let everyone choose a few of their favorite songs and create a playlist dedicated to “diamond painting”? That's why it always pays to plan.

What are you waiting for?

As you can see, it really doesn't take much to start having a great time with diamond painting. Once you've found a design that everyone agrees on and created the right atmosphere, the hardest part (a bit ironically) is just relaxing!

Trust us; once you convince everyone to start diamond painting for the first time, they will all be hooked immediately. You might as well start clearing some wall space now, because soon you'll have more finished paintings than you know what to do with!