Who am I...

My name is Sindy. I am a young woman in her early 40s, mother of a 5 year old pearl and an early childhood educator.

I come from a little corner of the country on the south shore of Montreal and I also established my life there.

Who is Sindy? A unique, pragmatic, resourceful and creative woman.

I discovered diamond painting during the first confinement. - Tsé the one where we all had to stay at home to save lives! … Spending your free time after doing all the big cleaning, sorting the clothes and reorganizing the whole house had therefore become an essential need!! 🙃🙃🙃🙃

So I got hooked by the far too attractive ads on my Facebook feed.

I knew I was going to get addicted to this stupid diamond painting thing so I created a whole bunch of needs for myself, until I found my own technique and my own color. :)

Not being a big fan of youtube – I don't know why I never got hooked on this thing?!-

Unfortunately, I couldn't find myself there to learn more...


For fun I opened a group * Sin's little DP tricks *. In less than a month I already had more than 1000 members and counting!!! A group where members see DP through my eyes!

I do mini explanatory capsules on lots of interesting stuff, things I learn on the job and on my worst failings, but above all, a group where I feel good and with extra members with who I share my beautiful passion.

After which, Oraloa found me and we immediately fell in love with each other.

I am therefore super enthusiastic and super proud to be part of this great adventure among them. 😎😍

SO...ENJoY It!

Sindy 🤩🥰


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